What Contract Did Dwight and Angela Sign

Dwight and Angela are two iconic characters from the popular television show, The Office. Throughout the series, fans have been curious about the nature of their relationship. In season five, episode 14, a contract is introduced in which Dwight and Angela agree to certain terms. Here`s what we know about the contract:

1. The Contract Was Signed to Prove Paternity

In the episode, Dwight becomes suspicious that he is the father of Angela`s child. To confirm his suspicions, Dwight asks Angela to sign a contract agreeing that he is the father if a paternity test confirms it. The contract states that Angela will pay Dwight $5,000 if the test confirms he is the father.

2. The Contract Includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement

In addition to confirming paternity, the contract also includes a non-disclosure agreement. This means that neither Dwight nor Angela can reveal the paternity results to anyone else, including their colleagues at Dunder Mifflin.

3. The Contract Is a Parody of Celebrity Contracts

The writers of The Office were known for incorporating pop culture references into the show. The contract between Dwight and Angela is a parody of contracts often used by celebrities to protect their privacy. These contracts are often used to prevent embarrassing information from being leaked to the media.

4. The Contract is Integral to Dwight and Angela`s Storyline

The contract becomes a central plot point in the series. Dwight is determined to prove that he is the father of Angela`s child and goes to great lengths to do so. When the paternity test confirms that Dwight is not the father, he tears up the contract in front of Angela as a symbol of their failed relationship.

In conclusion, the contract signed by Dwight and Angela in The Office was a parody of celebrity contracts designed to confirm paternity and protect privacy. It was a central plot point in their storyline and a memorable moment in the show`s history.