Customized Training and Speaking

Customized Training and Speaking


✔️ Science of Story Selling: Engage, Educate and Persuade with Latest Brain Science

Learn how to leverage brain science in designing and delivering transformational messages that engage, educate, and persuade prospects for a profit or a purpose bigger than you.

✔️ Servant Leadership: Storied Leadership Lessons from Lincoln & MLK

Both President Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr were legendary servants. More importantly, both were incredible story weavers and tellers. A narrative of these icons reveals timeless lessons for today ‘s leaders.

✔️ Basket of Hope: From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

A journey from the footpaths of Africa to the flyovers in America is like a journey from the earth to the moon. It is long, tiring, and terrifying. It comes with many breakdowns and breakthroughs that bear fruit and hope for many with a voice.

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