The Best Inheritance Ever

One morning at dawn, my mother went to get a loan to help me stay in school. The deadline for complying with the new PTA levy was fast approaching. Mom was restless. Back in 1983, the  PTA levy was about  500 Francs CFA, (about $1USD)…

Dare to Celebrate Your Unsung Hero

Sometime in the 1960s, a young princess from Funam, Bome Got married to an enterprising young man from Kai village in Mbengwi. ..

Impervious Dog Mountain Subdued My Pride

A dramatic river valley! This is rugged, steep, and deep. It divides and unites the states of Washington and Oregon. A divider and uniter!   How cool is that?   How many river valleys you know rise fiercely from zero to snow-high levels with no apologies?

Every Word Counts in Business Communication

Your words can make or break. This is particularly important if you are a leader. When you share stories to make a point, it is important to inspect the power and potential of each word that you use or embed into your stories, examples, and illustrations. 

The Key to Telling Unforgettable Stories

Have you ever watched a movie that made you cry? Do you know that Aesop’s Fables have been around for over two thousand years? Well, I am getting ahead of myself here. Come with me on a brief journey

Dare to Ditch PowerPoint and Embrace Story Point

PowerPoint vs. Story-Point Dilemma Consider this for a moment: – What if Martin Luther King, Jr. had given the “I Have a Dream” speech with PowerPoint slides?

4 Mistakes Business Owners Make in Using Storytelling

Mistake # 1. Avoid Bland and Boring Details It is not enough to share a story. Make sure your story is engaging, captivating, and breathtaking. Consider starting with an inciting incident that shows what is at stake. 

Gearhart ‘s Queen of Snail Mail is Peerless

Gearhart ‘s Queen of Snail Mail is Peerless She is not only a mail whisperer, but she is also a therapist, humorist, and a battle-weary queen who has found new meaning in her job as an essential worker in pandemic times

A Time for Empathy and Courage

If someone were to ask me, what time is it? I won’t look at my watch, clock, or calendar. Because time is best understood in the context of what is happening. Without context, time is meaningless 6 am in winter, is a far cry from 6 am in summer! Therefore, telling time is not enough without a backdrop.

Humans of New York: 5 Ways Business Storytellers can Improve their Craft

Very few blogs in the world Command as much respect and admiration Like Humans of New York (HoNY). If you have not heard about HoNY; wake up! If you know of them, then good on you. Let’s pull away the curtain to see the beast behind the blind.

Captivating Storytelling for Profit