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As a kid growing up in Africa, I was very mischievous. Every day, I got into trouble at school and even at church. Everyone in my village accused me of starting a dozen or more wildfires. After college, I became a firefighter. One day, it dawned on me that my life had come full circle. I went from being a fire maniac to a fireman; all in less than 20 years!

Although, I no longer fight real fires, I help business owners fight “invisible fires that undermine their growth.” Back when I was a fire captain, I learned the importance of informing and inspiring my team with simple stories about everyday heroes who did extra-ordinary things.

These days, my mission is to help everyday heroes (like yourself) to tell the stories of the battles they have fought to protect families, neighbors, and communities. If you want to tell your story of climbing the corporate ladder, dropping out of the Chicago marathon, or missing a business milestone, I want to be your story guide.

It will be a privilege to show you the ROPES of storytelling.

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Recent Featured Keynotes/Speeches

Harvard University, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute;

Boston, MA, (Harnessing the Power of Story in Communicating Complex Ideas)

U.S. Social Security Administration HQ

(Harnessing the Power of Story in Communicating Across Generations)

World Conference on Disaster Management, WCDM, Toronto, Canada

(Lessons and Stories from Avian Flu Response in Asia)

Hong Kong Business Continuity Summit,

(Lessons from Past Disasters)

Abu-Dhabi University, UAE,

(Regional Disaster Readiness)

Singapore Management University

(The Secret Language of Leadership in Times of Change)

National Association of Government Communicators NAGC, St Louis, MO

(Stories that Transcend Cultures)

International Association of Emergency Managers, IAEM, Overland Park, KS

(Harnessing the Power Story in Disaster Readiness)

Erbil, Kurdistan, WHO International Conference

(Emergency Readiness and Resiliency)

International Association of Emergency Managers, IAEM, Orlando, FL

(The Intersection of Social Capital, Social Media, and Storytelling)

Commencement Speech, Concordia University, Portland

Guest Lectures on Business Storytelling and Resiliency Issues:

=> University of San Francisco
=> Morrison University, Nevada
=> University of Nevada, Reno

Why Work with Me?

Based on my experience, exposure, and expertise in business storytelling, I possess a fine eye and ear for story GEMS that ignite interest, curiosity, and the potential to generate buzz. So how did I get this elusive ability? Is it a skill bought I got from eBay? Nope! Did I get it from Costco? Nope!

Some of my friends have even accused me of benefiting from a rare quality they refer to as AGP. When I ask them what they mean by AGP? They say AGP stands for African Genetic Package! I found that to be hilarious.

In the interest of full disclosure, I grew up in a culture steeped in folklore. Beyond that, the little I know, I have acquired painstakingly by learning, failing, and testing countless storytelling tools and techniques across Asia and America.

Story Guarantee!

  • If after working with me, you don’t like your story, I refund the sessions you haven’t used, and you get to keep the knowledge and the skills acquired.


Are you looking for someone who understands the intersection of story and business, the intersection of story and social capital? I am your kind of guy.  It would be my honor to be your guide from the side on your journey to transformational storytelling.

What You Can Expect from Working with Me?

✔️ Develop greater clarity for the encompassing role of your story in business

✔️ Own your magnetic story that gets attention, admiration, and recognition.

✔️ Boost your personal and professional confidence in nailing business presentations

✔️ Pick up life skill you need to grow and outgrow your competitors

✔️ Develop and unmatched ability to connect with children, adults, and prospects

✔️ Harness the power of your story and identity to standout in fundraising and PR

✔️ Communicate effectively and strategically in winning heart and minds

✔️ Leverage your skills internationally across cultures

✔️ Generate an authentic business promotion

✔️ Land a high paying job even in a down economy

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