“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Seth Godin

Do you want to tell captivating stories that cultivate profits?

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We are story coaches and strategists who help experts and sales professionals connect and cultivate business with captivating backstories.

Recent Featured Speeches

Harvard University, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute;

Boston, MA, (Harnessing the Power of Story in Communicating Complex Ideas)

U.S. Social Security Administration HQ

(Harnessing the Power of Story in Communicating Across Generations)

World Conference on Disaster Management, WCDM, Toronto, Canada

(Lessons and Stories from Avian Flu Response in Asia)

Hong Kong Business Continuity Summit,

(Lessons from Past Disasters)

Abu-Dhabi University, UAE,

(Regional Disaster Readiness)

Singapore Management University

(The Secret Language of Leadership in Times of Change)

National Association of Government Communicators NAGC, St Louis, MO

(Stories that Transcend Cultures)

International Association of Emergency Managers, IAEM, Overland Park, KS

(Harnessing the Power Story in Disaster Readiness)

Erbil, Kurdistan, WHO International Conference

(Emergency Readiness and Resiliency)

Be a Story Warrior at Large

In a noisy, confusing, and crowded marketplace, you do not fight with arms. You fight with invisible tools. One of the most lethal strategic tools in your business arsenal, is your story. An effective story wins the hearts and minds of friends, foes, and new allies. At the same time, it frames and focuses issues in ways that are highly relatable, credible, and memorable.

Above all, a well-crafted business story gives you a competitive edge by differentiating you from your detractors and competitors. Therefore, by using strategic business stories, you get to share your values and virtues in the politest way possible. This generates buzz and business. Why so?

Because in a confusing world, buzz generates attention, admiration, and recognition!

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