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Gideon For-mukwai is an award-winning speaker, educator and corporate trainer.

Gideon For-mukwai is an award-winning speaker, educator and corporate trainer. His neuro-narrative approach to conceiving and delivering challenging concepts and ideas has earned him a fervent following in Asia, Middle East and America. He is consistently ranked amongst the best in his field; for this, he is extremely honored and privileged.
About Us


Professionally, Gideon has founded and co-founded professional groups in Africa, Asia and America. As the founder of Story Warrior Associates & Nerds i.e. (SWAN Studios), he has pioneered the development and teaching of the Story DNA Method in 20 countries and over 25 U.S. States.

"Why Your Story Matters?"
There is someone who is hurting out there. There is someone who is living in self-doubt or in fear. Your story has the potential to help or heal someone. Are you willing to share your story to engage, educate and entertain (Emodutain) for a profit? It would be an honor to help you on this journey of finding, crafting and telling your story; be it for a purpose, or for profit.


Overs the years, his style and unique methods of teaching have earned him several nominations and awards in the areas of public speaking and education in Singapore, Nevada, and Oregon.

"Join Us"
As the founder of Story Warrior Associates & Co, it will be a pleasure to know where your journey started and where you are headed. For me, my journey started 10, 724 miles away in a small village that is shrouded in despair, mystery, and hope. Hence, I see myself as a product of Africa, processed in Asia and distributed door-to-door across America. Therefore, I see myself a a wandering warrior on a mission to engage, educate and emodutain with stories from across the pond. As for me and my team, we are proud to represent all the fine colors and shades of the universe. Join us in fighting the darkness that pervades our world; one spark of light, one ray of hope and one story at a time.
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  • Which Plan Is Right For Me?

    Until the lion learns to tell his story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

  • Do I have to commit to a contract?

    We offer 3 plans: (A) DIY 6-Week Group Story Coaching, (B) Done For You Deluxe (C) Platinum Story Coaching

  • What Payment Methods Are Available?

    We accept both electronic and snail mail options


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